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27 February 2016 @ 12:20 am
#1771 Drama announcement!  

Hayami Mokomichi stars in TBS Golden Drama Asami Mitsuhiko Series 35 Kaze no Naka no Ouka to be broadcasted on March 28 (Monday) at 21:00 pm

The work this time is a summer mystery drama from the original work of the best selling author Yasuo Uchida.

Hayami reprises his role as the protagonist from his 2013 Series 32, Mitsuhiko Asami, and this will be his  fourth Mitsuhiko Asami. In this work, Shida Mirai also appears for the role of Ouka.

Abandoned as soon as she was born, Ouka  grew up at the facility until the age of 5 and was welcomed at a nunnery in Nara, there she becomes an obedient and intelligent woman. However, when Ouka turns into a junior high student, suspicious incidents started to occur around her one after another.  Anju who carefully raised Ouka as a substitute mother at the nunnery, requested Mitsuhiko to investigate through his mother (Yoshiko Sakuma). Mitsuhiko thinks that there must be some hidden secrets behind the birth of Ouka, and heads to Toba. However, Ouka was kidnapped by someone and a 100 million yen was  asked for the ransom. Who's the real culprit? And then what's the secret behind the birth of Ouka?

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