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01 January 2016 @ 12:41 am
#1714 Happy New Year!!  

Thank you everyone for following this community for almost 5 years now!
I said I will try my best not to miss a day of updating, and i managed to do it last year!

It was fun, and while I want to continue doing this for Mirai fans, to update and translate stuffs when I could..( Though I'm not sure if anyone reads them ), I might not be able to commit to this activity from now on.

I decided to take a breather this year, of course, I will still update when I can but do expect that I might miss on some days due to personal matters that I have to attend to.

With that said, do keep on supporting Mirai's future activities and support her career as an actress.
Have a wonderful year ahead, everyone! Happy, Happy New Year
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