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08 September 2015 @ 07:04 pm
#1600 Good Morning Show  

Actress Shida Mirai joins the veteran actor Nakai Kiichi and Nagasawa Masami in the upcoming 2016 comedy film Good Morning Show.  Other main cast members include Hamada Gaku, Yoshida Yo, Matsushige Yutaka, and Tokito Saburo. The Director-Screenwriter for the film is Ryoichi Kimizuka, known for his Bayside Shakedown series. His other works include Dare mo Mamotte Kurenai ("Nobody to Watch Over Me") and Ashita e no Tooka Kan ("Reunion") which Mirai have starred in previously.

The work depicts the comedic,  continuous and unexpected befall and sufferings of Sumida Shingo (played by Nakai Kiichi), the main cast of the morning wide show "Good Morning Show" .  One day while Sumida was headed to the TV station, his dating relationship with the beautiful assistant announcer Ogawa Keiko (played by Nagasawa Masami) is exposed during the live broadcast.  He was told of the risk of the program's discontinuation by the producer, and then suddenly, he happen to get caught up in a barricade incident.

For the film, Shida plays the role of a rookie announcer Miki Saya, Tokito Saburo plays the producer Ishiyama who declared the program to be cancelled , Yoshida Yo as Sumida's wife named Akemi, while Hamada Gaku as the criminal in the barricade incident. Matsushige Yutaka as the leader of the special police team in which the resolution of the case fell on. In addition, Ikeuchi  Hiroyuki will also take part as a unique program staff. Hayashi Kento, Zen Kajiwara, Kinami Haruka, and Daito Shunsuke also joins in the gorgeous casts of the variety.

This film is scheduled to crank up by the end of September and to be released nationwide in Japan next year.

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