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11 May 2015 @ 11:06 pm

From today's Sekai Maru Mie guesting! Will upload / post the video once it's up!

The World Premiere Event of Tomorrowland was featured on Mezamashi TV today.

A close interaction with George Clooney made Shida Mirai both  excited and nervous, she gathered herself and calmly said, "I was so nervous that I couldn't utter a word, I couldn't say the things I wanted to say, it was too bad. My performance could only lasts for 95 minutes, I deducted 5 minutes from it as I wasn't able to talk with George Clooney (?). Right from the start, I was like daydreaming, to be able to participate in the premiere made me feel a great sense of anxiety, I was really nervous. But once I stepped into the red carpet, a second later i've become happy."

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